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About the Author 



Christine Marie Soltis was born and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania. Her deepest passion is in fiction writing and has been for the past eight years. Of her twelve written novels, five have been released to the public, along with three poetry books and two short story compilations. In addition, she is co-writer of two film scripts and creates her own book cover photos and promotional videos.


Christine has had poetry published and is a former contributor to Pittsburgh's Verdure Magazine.  She is a current contributor to the Yahoo Network, as well as travel sites EscapeWizard.comand  In addition to her writing, she made her acting debut in A Chemical Skyline, which was an Amazon best-seller for monster horror. She also acted as an extra in Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Operaand How to Interview A Vampire. She attended Point Park Collegeand has worked in newsradio since 2002. In 2011, she was an exhibitor at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.






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Flourishing ideas are in the works.   I hope you enjoy the writings which will be displayed.  Stay tuned, for this site can only get better. 


Below, feel free to check out some of the main players whom I have worked with in the past, present and/or future on differing types of projects, mainly in the entertainment industry.  In addition, there will be links to any sites which feature the books and/or other upcoming projects!