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If you were taken from the peaceful familiarity of home and forced to live within a gray, dark and dreary other world, how would you survive?  If every rule of nature that you ever knew in your homeland was broken, how would you react? 


Welcome to Hatred Blooms.

And it is here, that you will find yourself...

In A Land Of Hatred.





Through In A Land Of Change,



...explore the terrors of the Slipping of the Dimensions while a past full of mysteries unravels.  Watch the emotional changes that overtake your favorite characters.  Join Tommy and Veronica as they relive the terrors of being continuously and dangerously caught between worlds.  Will they survive this time?  


Continue their chase through near-death experiences into In A Land Of Destruction




 ...where a new character seems to come...out of the blue.  This new enchanted character will have you guessing from the start and wondering why it is that she is so obsessed with the color blue.






The how and the why of In A Land Of overview.

By Christine Soltis





I am sure there are many questions which may arise later about the tale, but I certainly wanted to say a few words beforehand...

I used younger characters (early adult age) for many reasons.  For one, they are naive within the story and are more likely to learn better than those who are older and are set in their ways. 


Another reason I used them is because within many fairy-tale stories the characters are usually quite young and haven't even reached their teenage years.  My characters are certainly older and should not still believe in an imaginary world, let alone become trapped in one.  It is awkward and that is what I love about it the most. 


The third reason I used these late teen/ young adult characters is because I've seen people within this age group portrayed in the wrong way on too many occasions.  I wanted to see them try to do something good, rather than being viewed as reckless and partying all the time.  I thought it would be great to put them into a world so out of their element that they would never be able to acknowledge it within their normal, daily routines.



The nature within this land is stubborn and is quite capable of attack.  Rather than we, the humans attacking, it is nature who is more capable.

One person has described this tale as being parallel with the war.  I can say it may be interpreted in this way as there are many elements within...

And now, it is up to you to help along the process of interpretation.







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